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Root Canal Procedure

Dr Rosenson is an experienced dentist who performed thousands of root canal therapy procedures over his 20 year career for his patients. Root canal treatment is an extremely effective way of saving and keeping natural teeth. The procedure have a very high success rate. To understand the treatment, it helps to know the anatomy of the tooth. Inside the tooth and it's roots, there is a soft tissue, called pulp. It contains mostly blood vessels and nerves, connecting the tooth to surrounding gum tissue.

Root canal therapy is nesessary when the pulp becomes infected or inflamed. It can happen due to different causes: deep decay, fractured teeth, deep previous restorations or trauma. Signs of a problem with nerve may include pain, hot and cold sensitivity, discomfort to touch, swelling, fistula or discoloration. Modern technology and anesthetics make root canal treatment a lot more comfortable then before.

The root canal procedure involves removing decayed or damaged area of the tooth,removing the pulp, cleaning and desinfecting the space inside the tooth, where the pulp used to be, and, finally, sealing it. To make procedure more efficient, our office utilities digital X-ray imaging, modern nickel- titanium rotary instruments and electronic apex locators. It helps for a more accurate and precise treatment , as well as making it more time efficient.

After the root canal treatment is completed, if the tooth lacks sufficient structure, it may require post and crown. Root canal treatment is a more conservative treatment alternative to tooth extraction.

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