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Join the Hawthorne Dental discount program and save an average of 37% on dental care on most dental procedures need by you and your family. With insurance, cleanings and exams are typically covered at 100%. For any other dental work, you’ll pay a percentage of the service out of pocket, often 20–50%. All services count toward your annual limit. An advantage to a discount plan is that there is no limit to the amount of care you can get during the year. You will pay out of pocket for every discounted service, but you can use as many services as you like each year. For people with few dental problems and a relatively healthy mouth, a dental discount plan may save money over traditional insurance.

  • Discounts on virtually all dental services including: braces, cleanings, x-rays, root canals, crowns, dentures, implants and more!
  • Save on general dentistry, and on specialist treatments from root canals, orthodontics, oral surgery and more.

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Family Description

Members under this plan include spouse, dependent children up to the age of 18 or full-time students up to the age of 25.

Procedure Usual Fee With Plan You Save
Periodic Oral Examination$91$45$46
Limited Oral Evaluation$87$57$30
Comprehensive Oral Examination$112$57$55
Full Mouth X-rays$160$117§43
Intraoral-Periapical X-ray(1st Film)$44$26$18
Intraoral-Periapical X-ray(2nd Film)$25$18$7
Bitewings-two Films$39$18$21
Bitewings-four Films$91$39$52
Diagnostic Cast$110$87$23
Prophy - Adult$138$97$41
Prophy - Child$80$78$2
Topical Application of Fluoride$47$42$5
Sealants - per tooth$65$39$26
Amalgam-1 surface, primary tooth$193$119$74
Amalgam-2 surface, primary tooth$193$154$39
Amalgam-3 surface, primary tooth$232$189$43
Amalgam-4 surface, primary tooth$276$248$28
Resin-1 surface, anterior$217$138$79
Resin-2 surface, anterior$220$180$40
Resin-3 surface, anterior$270$221$49
Resin-4+ w/incis angle, anterior$396$321$75
Resin -1 surface, posterior$201$151$50
Resin-2 surface, posterior$259$195$64
Resin-3 surface, posterior$320$236$84
Resin-4+ surface, posterior5444$240$204
Crown-porc fuse high noble mtl$1,483$1,070$413
Recement Crown$138S94$44
Prefab Stain Steel Crown-primary$321$199$122
Crown Buildup, include any pins$311$164$147
Cast Post & Core in add to Crown$484$387$97
Prefab Post & Core in add to Crown$384$249$135
Labial Veneer (porceln lam) -lab$1,483$1.110$373
Pulpal Therapy-anterior, primary$306$275$31
Pulpal Therapy-posterior, primary5355$330$25
Root Canal Therapy - anterior$1,366$914$452
Root Canal Therapy - bicuspid$1,482$1,007$475
Root Canal Therapy - molar$1,553$1,240$313
Retreat Prev RCT-anterior$1,132$1,000$132
Retreat Prev RCT-bicuspid$1,268$1.116§152
Retreat Prev RCT-molar$1,474$1,382$92
Perio Scaling & Root Planing-/quad$309S184$125
Full Mouth Debridement $214592$122
Perio Maintenace$158$113$45
Complete Denture - maxillary$2,180$1,486$694
Complete Denture - mandibular$2,180$1,486$694
Immediate Denture - maxillary$1,990S1.672$318
Immediate Denture - mandibular$1,990$1,672$318
Partial Denture -maxillary$1.955$1,548$407
Partial Denture-mandibular$1,963$1.548$415
Simple Extraction$316$244$72
Surgical Extraction$476$297$179
As you can clearly see in the above table, the Hawthorne Dental Plan pays for itself in as little as one or two dental procedures
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* discount only available when member has cosmetic plan
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