Stress! Stress! Stress!: 4 Ways Your Smile is Affected

Feeling overly stressed can affect more than just your willingness to share your smile–it can even affect the health of your mouth itself. What should you know about the causes and cures of our modern-day “stress epidemic?”

Stresses of Daily Life


Stress is a part of daily life and somewhat unavoidable. Some stress is even beneficial and surprisingly enjoyable (perhaps the rush of your favorite rollercoaster). It can get your heart pumping and may leave you feeling energized!

However the intense pressure associated with being under too much stress can have a negative impact on your overall health. This may result in heart disease, mental illness, and difficulties controlling your blood sugar level if you are diabetic.

Stress and Your Oral Health

Not to be overlooked is the harm extreme stress can have on your mouth, teeth, and gums. Discover some of the potential oral health issues:

  1. Bruxism (Teeth grinding)Statistics reveal that among those people regularly found to be displaying outward physical symptoms of stress, 17% reported teeth grinding. This practice is known to damage tooth enamel, and lead to pain associated with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues.
  2. Adopting bad habits—Being under excessive stress often affects one’s mood and daily habits. This may mean becoming sloppy or hit-and-miss in the category of brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits. Stress is also known to result in unhealthy eating habits, such as the constant snacking of foods and drinks high in sugar. These habits increase the risk of tooth decay and subsequently other oral health maladies.
  3. Mouth Sores—Experts are led to believe that stress and fatigue increase the likelihood of developing canker and cold sores. Although such lesions generally fade away within two weeks or less, the discomfort, and even embarrassment, associated with them can be unpleasant.
  4. Gum Disease—Stress in a round-about way often leads to increased dental plaque. This in turn makes the development of bleeding gums, gingivitis, and even periodontal disease more likely.

Share these valuable points with all your stressed out friends and family.

Now is the perfect time to make changes in your life in order to reduce the level of stress you carry, to improve your health, and make your life a more enjoyable one.

Discover more about the state-of-the-art services we provide that will help keep your oral health and smile on track by contacting Dr. Rosenson, a dentist in Hawthorne, NJ. If going to the dentist triggers a rise in your stress level, be sure to ask about our relaxing option of sedation dentistry.

Let us in on your secret: What helps you keep your stress level at a manageable level?