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Dr Victor Rosenson uses composite white tooth fillings (metal free tooth fillings) to treat teeth that have been affected by tooth decay or other tooth damage that may occur. Composite teeth filling are made of a durable tooth colored resin that is used to fill the area that is damaged in the tooth. The composite tooth filling is also known as a white filling or tooth colored filling. The white tooth filling is a great alternative to the conventional amalgam filling that was once primarily used as a tooth filling treatment. Not only does the composite tooth filling look like the natural tooth, but it is safer than traditional teeth fillings which contain mercury and other metal compounds that are known to be detrimental to your health. Many individuals elect to have their old metal fillings replaced with the tooth colored fillings to improve the appearance of their smile and maintain better health.

The tooth filling treatment is very common and that is why we promote routine exams and cleanings to help prevent the infection of the tooth cavity that is caused from tooth decay. Should you have tooth decay, the tooth cavity will be thoroughly cleaned and prepared to be filled with the durable tooth colored filling that has been matched to the color of your teeth. Once the filling is applied, a special curing light is applied to dry the resin for a durable finish.

COMPOSITE-FILLINGSYou may need a tooth filling if you have tooth pain or injured your tooth. A damaged tooth that is not attended to may lead to more severe damage and problems. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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