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Dr Victor Rosenson has experienced endodontic dentists that have executed many root canals for the patients of Hawthorne and the surrounding area. Root canal treatment is a technique that is used by dentists to treat a badly infected tooth and restore the tooth that would otherwise be permanently lost.

A root canal, also known as root canal therapy, is required when the pulp inside of the root canal of the tooth becomes infected. This pulp center of the tooth consists of nerves and blood vessels that nourish the tooth when the tooth first emerges from the gum. After the tooth has reached maturation, the pulp can be removed without damaging the tooth. When the center of the tooth becomes infected and is left untreated, it may lead to severe pain in the jaw and face. The infection may spread into the gums, tissue in the face, and bone. A tooth that is infected should receive a root canal treatment as soon as possible. The teeth become susceptible to the elevated infection when either a tooth is broken or cracked, leaving the tooth exposed to bacteria or tooth decay that flourishes into a more serious state that goes into the cavity of the tooth.

Identifying tooth decay early on through regular exams and treating the cavity will prevent most infections that may otherwise lead to a root canal. Routine cleaning will also help keep bacteria at bay to prevent the tooth decay. Trauma to the tooth can be unexpected. If you break or crack a tooth, do not wait to go to the dentist. The fracture to the tooth exposes the pulp and must be cleaned and sealed to prevent extensive damage to the center of the tooth that then will require a root canal. The root canal treatment includes the thorough cleaning of the pulp from the root canal and a dental crown most likely will be secured over the treated tooth for additional protection and strength. Root canal treatment cost varies depending on the extent of the infection and the number of teeth affected.25-ROOT-CANAL

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