Complimetary Lumineers® Consultation by Hawthorne Dental Associates

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Lumineers veneer are a modern and magnificent cosmetic tooth veneer application that Dr Victor Rosenson knows that the patients of Hawthorne and the surrounding area will absolutely love. Teeth veneers have been used for many years to elevate the cosmetic appeal of the teeth, but the Lumineers teeth veneers is a modern technique that is simple and gives the beautiful translucent appearance of natural teeth like no other teeth veneer method.

The Lumineers process has minimal preparation and there is no drilling of the teeth before the Lumineers procedure. Before the Lumineers process, we will give a thorough examination to ensure that you have healthy teeth, gums, and bone structure to support the teeth veneers. Images and impressions of the teeth receiving the Lumineers will be taken and sent to a special Lumineers lab where the teeth veneers will be customized. Once the Lumineers veneers have been made, you will come back to our Lumineers dentist where the very thin patented porcelain teeth veneers will be placed on the teeth.

It is that simple. The cost of Lumineers will vary depending on the number of Lumineers that you want and the result you desire. We have financing plans available for the Lumineers process. Some patients also will have the Lumineers placed as they can afford.

LUMINEERSLumineers veneers will transcend your smile and you will look amazing. Call our office today to get your free Lumineers consultation and find out why Lumineers is the number one teeth veneer choice for our patients.

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