25% off Invisalign® clear braces by Hawthorne Dental Associates

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Invisalign clear braces is one of our Orthodontic treatments that Dr Victor Rosenson provides for his patients of Hawthorne and the surrounding area. Invisalign clear braces have changed the way that many individuals straighten their teeth for the better compared to the traditional teeth straightening methods.

Invisalign clear braces now makes it easier and simpler to straighten teeth like never before. Traditional braces contain brackets and wires that have to be adjusted over several visits to move the teeth to the final position while they can be more painful, harder to clean, and some foods are hard to eat. Invisalign teeth braces are convenient, easy to clean, and you can eat anything you would like.

The modern approach of Invisalign consists of a thorough exam where the dentist will have a series of customized clear plastic dental trays made for your teeth for each stage of the treatment. About every two weeks, a new sized clear tray is to be worn to progressively keep your teeth moving towards the prescribed position. The dentist will check the Invisalign progress about every 6 weeks or so, but multiple appointments for adjustments are unnecessary since the clear Invisalign trays are already constructed. The Invisalign clear braces tray are removed for eating and teeth cleaning, but it is advised that the application remains on 20 to 22 hours every day.

invisalignThe Invisalign clear braces cost will depend on the extent of the recommended treatment and how many teeth trays need to made to obtain the final desired position. Call today for your free Invisalign consultation.

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