Avoiding the Dentist? – Your Insurance Company Loves That!

Let’s face it; most people have no problem providing the reasons why they avoid the dentist. Common excuses include:

  1.  Fear—the smells, sensations, etc.
  2. “My teeth don’t hurt, so why go?”
  3.  “I don’t have time.”
  4. “I’d rather spend my money on something else.”

While your brain may tell you such justifications are adequate, consider what your oral health has to say. Read more

Stress! Stress! Stress!: 4 Ways Your Smile is Affected

Feeling overly stressed can affect more than just your willingness to share your smile–it can even affect the health of your mouth itself. What should you know about the causes and cures of our modern-day “stress epidemic?”

Stresses of Daily Life


Stress is a part of daily life and somewhat unavoidable. Some stress is even beneficial and surprisingly enjoyable (perhaps the rush of your favorite rollercoaster). It can get your heart pumping and may leave you feeling energized! Read more

Easing TMJ Pain in 5 Important Steps

What makes daily activities such as speaking, biting, chewing, and laughing possible, even enjoyable? Your temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which is hard at work. When the muscles, tendons and bones that make up the TMJ are relaxed and in balance, your jaw opens and closes with ease.


For those suffering from TMJ disorder however, the pain and dysfunction experienced in the jaw joint and related muscles are nothing to smile about. What can you do to ease TMJ pain without making things worse? Try these five tips: Read more

Please Help Us By Writing a Review

We truly care about every one of our patients, and it’s gratifying to see their lives change when we craft and maintain their smiles. We offer exhilarating services that has earned the respect and confidence from all of our patients.

We love the community and want to help others achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. And, we need your help to spread the word. One of the key ways to let the community hear about our practice is through online reviews. Read more

Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

Badly diseased or missing teeth can negatively impact more than your smile-ability.

Lacking a full set of healthy chompers can also adversely affect your speech. Missing teeth can hinder your ability to comfortably and adequately chew food, leading to possible digestion issues. The loss of even a single tooth is capable of creating oral health issues such as bite and jaw misalignment, shifting teeth, or a “crooked” smile. Read more